May 11th, 2023

Wooramel Station

Wooramel River Retreat Location
Wooramel River Retreat Location
Day 4

After leaving Kalbarri we made the 3.5 hour drive north to Wooramel Station. Being concerned about our arrival time we called ahead to make sure we knew what to do if the reception was closed. The good news was that they would be open but the better news was that it was "Pie Night" at the Cafe, so dinner was already sorted.

Day 5

After waking up from a good sleep I headed for a shower while Chris and Nia went to check out the hot spring baths. Apon my return to our camp site I realised the girls must be at the springs. They were too good to resist and we all ended up soaking in the 35 degree water for a good hour.

Sitting in the Hot Baths

We grabbed coffee from the cafe and then decided to start exploring the station.

We first explored the historical tip which had old cars, motorbikes, caravans and white goods from the past. It was pretty cool and an unexpected part of the station.

At the "historical" tip

We then went for a walk along the side of the river and returned back to camp walking via the river bed. The water at Wooramel River flows rarely and we had been lucky that it contained some water during our stay. During the walk we saw the free roaming goats and a number of cool birds, the highlight being Wedge Tailed Eagles.

Posing in the river

Before dinner we met one of the caretakers that lives on site and he was kind enough to let Nia light the community camp fires. She was so excited.

Day 6

Our second day at Wooramel was as relaxing as the first and followed a similar pattern. Relaxing in the river was a highlight and Nia enjoyed catching tadpoles.
Hunting for tadpoles
Wooramel Station Review

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Wooramel and I would recommend a 3 night stop (like us) for first timers but I would imagine in the future we might use it as a stop off whilst heading to somewhere else.

There were plenty of sites but was booked solid due to the solar eclipse.

The hot springs were amazing but be warned not to wear anything white or light coloured. My bathers and Chris' Garmin did not come away unscathed.
Gus & Lucky looking great in the sunset

The fridge is still a problem but I have ideas that might help.

On a positive, the solar equipment is working a treat and we are having no issues recharging during the day and getting back to 100% capacity.