August 7th, 2023

Warroora Station

Warroora Station is located 11 hours north of Perth, close to Coral Bay.

Warroora Station Location

Its coastline is a part of the Ningaloo Reef. It can be accessed directly from the Quobba area via a 4wd track but we stuck to the bitumen. This provided an opportunity to restock in Carnarvon.

Route from Quobba Station to Warroora Station

After leaving the bitumen road at the turn off there is 23km of corrugating until the homestead. We let our tires down to 25psi to make the ride in easier.

We stayed at the homestead on a powered site. The homestead has good amenities and an optional outdoor shower. Nia picked a site close to the live stock much to her delight. We all then had to enjoy the smell.

You can camp at points along the coast by booking via the Park Stay website. It’s cheaper but popular during peak times and you need to be self sufficient. Access to these sites requires a 4wd. 

The weather was cool and cloudy during our stay and we only swam once, mainly to tick it off the list. We spent our couple of days exploring the 4wd tracks and driving the dunes to the beaches. You cannot drive along on any of the beaches which was not an issue for us.

Cloudy ocean views

Warroora had the most difficult tracks we had driven at this stage of our trip. We didn’t realise at the time but our truck had holes in the intercooler and was limiting its power. With a working vehicle we would have had less stressful moments. My confidence in 4wd’ing were improving all the time though.

Parked at the beach

The beaches were stunning and we were starting to see more varieties of wild life. The highlights were the beach crabs and the raptors flying overhead. We were told that you can see turtles swimming in the water but we had no luck.

Big Yellow Crab

We enjoyed our stay at Warroora Station and will go back one day, hopefully when the weather is warmer. I would be happy to book a beach site and drive the camper trailer in. The trouble being that you need to book so far in advance and the sites can be exposed to the strong winds.

Me at the ocean edge

Rocks at the ocean edge
Stunning ocean views