Podcasting Activity

This week I am beginning a new task with my Year 10 class. So far this year we have looked at photography, movie creation and coding. I wanted to finish the year with something that I am very interested in and will be fun for the students. I had come up with a couple of ideas; one was to create a TED Talk style presentation and the other was for creating a Podcast. I gave my class the choice and they (quite rightly) voted for Podcasting.

Below is what I will be providing the students with as our starting point.

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Cyber Savvy Summit 2014

Over the last couple days I have had the privilege to be involved in the Cyber Savvy Summit 2014. This was the first official meeting of all schools involved in the Cyber Savvy Project which is

a world first study to support young people to make positive choices about their online behaviour, and in particular the use of images sent via mobile phones and the Internet. It is conducted by researchers at the Telethon Kids Institute and supported by the Telethon-New Children’s Hospital Research Fund 2012, Healthway and the Department of Education Western Australia.

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A Reason for Windows 10 Being 10

If you have seen the news about Windows 10 being released, one of the “controversies” was the skipping of “Windows 9”. One “dev” has added a reason:

Microsoft dev here, the internal rumours are that early testing revealed just how many third party products that had code of the form

if(version.StartsWith(“Windows 9”))
{ /* 95 and 98 */
} else {
and that this was the pragmatic solution to avoid that.

Sounds like a good reason for some to stop complaining – “normal” people just don’t care.

Breaking my “friendship” with Facebook

So about 3 weeks ago I decided to take a break from Facebook; it was the direct result of commenting on a post and offended one of my “friends”. I immediately deleted the comment and made my apologies, a short time later a I thought that it may be time to take a step back and rethink how much time I spend on FB and what was this “friendship” that FB has me hooked on.

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Always impressed by the iPhone 5 camera

Recently I managed to develop an interest in photography due to teaching it to my year 10’s (I will start posting about photography at some stage I am sure). In the mean time I wanted point out how great the iPhone 5 camera is. Look at this photo of Quenda that my daughter rescued:


It’s a great photo (humble, I know) but the amazing part is that I did nothing except use the “rule of thirds” to get this shot, the iPhone 5 did the rest. Look at that depth of field

Social Media Slideshow for Parents

Social Media First SLide

Recently at my school I needed to present a session for parents on Social Media. Attached is the PDF version of the Keynote presentation that I created. If you would like a copy of the Keynote please let me know.

Social Media Slideshow for Parents.pdf

Soldering up the Adafruit Data Logger Shield for Arduino

So this week my Adafruit Data Logger arrived for my Arduino and I thought I’d share what it took to get it working.

How the kit arrives

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Year 7 Social Media Lesson

So I thought I would share the lesson I taught to my year 7 classes last week. It was tweaked during the week and in the last lessons I didn’t even use Quikpad (mainly because it didn’t work). I didn’t have time to cover the section on having “real friends” as our lesson go for about 40mins. Hit the read more to read more

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I surveyed 70 Year 7’s about Social Media and here are the results

So over the last week I decided to survey the Year 7 students, between 11 and 12 years old, at my school about social media. I was actually surprised by the results and you might too.

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Strawpoll.me – A great website for polls


I thought I point out a great website for polling students on a topic. It’s called http://strawpoll.me it is really simple and if you put the results page on a projector you can watch real time results. Give it a go.,