OneNote Class Notebook Feedback

Being that a Class Notebook is a “live” notebook where all changes are synced continuously there is a fantastic opportunity for teachers to provide feedback to students at any time.

feedback in OneNote

In the image above you can see my written feedback in response to a Spaghetti Bridge assessment. For this I chose to use my iPad Pro, just so that I could write with the Pencil. If you have a Windows tablet, iOS or Android device you can use pen/stylus or even your finger. As a macOS user you can type and use highlights etc for your feedback.

I will recommend that as the teacher you choose a colour that will identify yourself to the students and then ask them to not use that colour – purple is my favourite as it is something that people don’t normally choose.

Something to consider..

You may realise that if you are giving feedback on a Page that has complete editable rights by the student (their section or the Collaboration Space), the student can delete or edit it. Hence, I could not recommend using this for any formal assessment unless you copied the pages into another Notebook to ensure that your comments are not altered. It really is a great way to start a conversation with a student about the work they have completed.