OneNote Class Notebook Distribute Page Tool

To speed up annotating student Pages you can use the Distribute Page tool. This will enable you to distribute a page from the Class Notebook directly into the student sections – it could be for homework or pages of a workbook/booklet.

Note: the page needs to be located inside the Class Notebook, currently you cannot distribute a page from one notebook to another. My recommendations is to store the page in the Content Library.

Step 1

First pick the page:

chosen page to distribute

Step 2

Now choose the Distribute Page tool from the Class Notebook tab:

choose Distribute Page

Step 3

You will then be asked which section to place the Page inside the student sections.

which section

Step 4

The Page should now be copied to all of the student sections. Hopefully the students now complete the work.

Step 5

Once complete you can now use the Review Student Work tool:

review student work

This will open a side panel with the option to choose which Section and then which Page to review:

choose section and page

Step 6

OneNote will now provide a list of the students that can be selected. By selecting a student you can navigate directly to the Page you would like to review.
(I blurred the names in my example)

choose student

Step 7

Give them some feedback!!